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Are you ready to play a bigger game?!


Join us for a 6-week intensive leadership coaching programme to boost your confidence, connect to your inner compass, and master the skills, mindset and behaviors to realize your most audacious goals.

Get real on your dreams

Spell out your life vision, get clear on your purpose, define your leadership niche, and commit to your bliss 

Step out of the shadow

Show up with confidence, build your authentic brand, and allow the world to see you

Play a bigger game

Recognize yourself as a leader and reveal your hidden superpowers

“This course made such a huge impact in my life. It gave me the confidence and tools I needed to make a big leap.”

Julia zimmermann, Vienna

You are…

…a purpose-driven (emerging) leader who wants to make a positive impact on this planet by fully leveraging your natural gifts & talents?

You know you can achieve more, but don’t quite know how to, yet. Sometimes insecurity takes control and you lose sight of your own greatness and power. When someone speaks over you in a meeting or questions your competence, you go quiet, doubting yourself. 

When you’re at your best, you know that you are powerful beyond measure. But often, inner voices tell you the opposite. And you buy into those voices too often. At those times, you get in your way, and you limit your impact. 

Sounds familiar?

Are you done giving power to that which keeps you small? 

Are you looking for sustainable ways to tap into and stay connected to your intuition, your insight, your knowing? 

Are you yearning to learn how to operate from abundance, love and possibility? 

You know it’s possible, you just need the right tools and guidance.

Are you ready to lean in, face your fears and push through to expand your comfort zone and dissolve your limitations and feelings of inadequacy? 

Are you done letting anyone steal your thunder, dim your light or clip your wings?

Buckle up, girlfriend, get ready to soar.

What you will get

  • immersive 6-week online course
  • weekly 2-hour live online workshops with all participants
  • weekly meetings in small pods
  • two 1:1 leadership coaching sessions with one of the facilitators 
  • assignments and self-inquiry in-between sessions
  • access to a supportive and caring community of female leaders



Design your life purpose and vision

Set your inner compass to true north

Align your head, heart, gut and hands

Lead with integrity and authenticity

Follow your joy and create flow

Do the work that fuels your soul

Radiate authentic Confidence

Dare to be heard, be seen and be human

Set healthy boundaries

Recognize your whole-body-yes and learn to say “no” with conviction

Rally your support team

Network with generosity, find mentors, attract sponsors, and support others

Take the big leap

Free yourself from old stories, limiting beliefs, and follow your inner guide to new heights

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Step into your power, amplify your impact, and make your wildest dreams come true!

Are you done…

  • dreading your Mondays?
  • dimming your light and getting in your own way?
  • living a life that doesn’t fuel your soul?
  • buying into the sabotaging voices that try to convince you that you are somehow not enough?
  • giving your power away and hiding your magic?
  • letting fear and doubt hold you back and keep you stuck in your tracks?

Are you ready to…

  • change your inner game?
  • take 100% responsibility?
  • be a badass female leader, ready to take matters into your own hands?
  • own your light and your shadows?
  • connect to the most magnificent version of yourself?
  • feel into your endless possibilities?
  • create an extraordinary life, as per your own definition?

Hell Yes!

Enroll now

  • Interactive 6-week online course
  • Six 2-hour live online workshops with all participants
  • Six meetings in your small pod 
  • Two 1:1 leadership coaching session with one of the facilitators 
  • Weekly assignments and self-inquiries in between sessions
  • Access to a caring community of women leaders who support, encourage and elevate each other

Next Start Dates:

  • 17 Nov 2022
  • 16 Feb 2023


EUR 1.595 per person. When registering 5 participants or more, we offer a discounted rate of EUR 1.195 per person.

Inclusion is important to us. We want to make this course accessible to anyone who would like to participate. If you are not able to afford the full fee, we invite you to apply for a scholarship of 25%, 50%, or 75% off the course fee. Simply send us an email sharing your motivation to participate in the course. 

What participants say

This course was a truly transformative experience. It gave me great tools on how to become the leader I aspire to be, on how to be more connected with myself, and to live my life purpose. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the chance to participate in a course like this.

— Andrea Farrés Jiménez, Cambridge, UK

You may be at the beginning of your career or be an experienced professional, you cannot but benefit from this exceptional course in a radical way. Get ready to face your biggest dreams, to set ambitious goals, to commit to them and to walk towards them. You will be surprised, as I was, about the adventure you’ll embark on and the magic that will happen.

— Denisa Muhameti, Venice, Italy

I found incredible support in this group. They carried me through some tough decisions I dared to take. I realized the truth is that my opportunities are infinite. As are yours.

— Isabella Bjorkman, Brussels

Women-hands-team-perfect fit

This course might be a perfect fit for you if…

  • you’re a purpose-driven (emerging) leader who wants to make a positive impact on this planet by fully leveraging your natural gifts and talents
  • you’re looking for tools and techniques to ensure that the parts in you that keep you small are no longer taking over the driver’s seat
  • you’re willing to spend as much time and energy as possible over the 6 weeks focused directly on setting your compass to true north and taking courageous, atomic first steps
  • you want to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and to try new approaches that might be a little outside of your current comfort zone
  • you’re excited to be part of a group of similarly purpose-driven, ambitious women and support others in their own journeys, too
Woman with coffe, writing

This course might not be a good fit for you if

  • you’re looking to learn team leadership skills, such as delegating effectively, engaging team members, or giving performance reviews
  • you feel fully confident about your leadership style, you have obtained your dream position and feel aligned with your head, heart and gut every day
  • you’d rather think “ME” than “WE” and if you’re mostly driven by maximizing your income fast
  • you need support in developing project and people management skills

Still interested?